Terms and Conditions (download pdf here)

Here is a warm and fuzzy note that we need for all of our customers to read and to agree to before they purchase and/or use Mac Ride. The terms of the purchase agreement, warnings and disclaimer are listed as below when going through our online shop.

Release of Liability, Terms of Purchase, Warnings and Disclaimer


Mac Ride a child bike seat and is an accessory to adult bicycles intended to be used only as directed in these instructions. The concept of Mac Ride is a design without harnesses and restraints. Riding bikes carries risk. The use of Mac Ride assumes the same and other risks, that is, the risk of cycling as well as the added risk of riding with a small child on the bike. Purchase of and/or use of Mac Ride constitutes the customer agreement to assume any and all risk associated with the use, misuse and/or operation of Mac Ride.

Instructions for the correct installation and use of Mac Ride are provided in the packaging and also on the website www.mac-ride.com. Please read all instructions and review all videos before installing Mac Ride or using Mac Ride-- http://www.mac-ride.com/instructions. If you have any concerns about the installation, take your bike and Mac Ride to your local bicycle shop.

If you are not comfortable with using Mac Ride you can return the unused Mac Ride within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.


Mac Ride is not intended for extreme off road use or riding on steep inclines or declines.

Mac Ride is not intended for use in extreme or hazardous conditions including inclement weather, slick or muddy trails or icy or snow trails where the chances of falling are increased.

The adult bicycle rider should have experience riding the bike Mac Ride is attached to and have experience or knowledge of the trail or path the ride will take.

The adult bicycle rider must be aware that the bicycle will handle differently with a passenger on board and braking distances will be increased.

The adult bicycle rider must never leave the Mac Ride child user unattended on a kickstand or leaning against a wall or other object whilst they are seated on Mac Ride.

The adult bicycle rider should not attempt to use Mac Ride unless he or she has sufficient ability and skill to do so safely. The rider must always ride in control and within ability level. The rider must operate the bicycle to which Mac Ride is attached with care.

The adult bicycle rider should be in good health and never operate the bicycle when tired, sick or in any unfit condition such that it puts the Mac Ride child user (and/or the rider) at the risk of injury or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The Mac Ride child user must have the strength to hold on securely to the handlebars and balance, stand on the stirrups and sit on the upright independently. The child should be a least of 2 years of age, if not older, in order to have the necessary strength. If your child does not meet these requirements, do not use Mac Ride.

The adult bicycle rider must be able to see clearly over the Mac Ride child user’s helmet and to pedal freely with the child user on board. A child over 5 years will probably be too large, and the adult bicycle rider must decide if the child is too large to cycle with safely, irrespective of the child’s age.

Before riding, the adult bicycle rider must inspect all equipment or have it checked by a qualified bike mechanic.

Before riding, the adult rider must check that all moving parts (handlebars, wheels, pedals, etc.) are clear and free to move without obstruction from the child or the Mac Ride seat.

Before riding, the adult bicycle rider must make sure the child's feet do not come in contact with the front wheel when completing a stationary check, turning the handlebars/front wheel in both directions and when the forks are compressed.

Before riding make sure there is no lose clothing or laces that could become caught on moving parts or hinder the operation of the bike.

Before riding, the adult bicycle rider must make sure the Mac Ride child user is wearing the proper clothing. Riders generate heat. However, the Mac Ride child user is more stationary and can cool down quickly with the wind, even in nice weather.

The adult bicycle rider must not ride with a child if s/he is tired. A child cannot ride on Mac Ride if they tired or at risk of falling asleep or not able to hold onto the handlebars and keep their head up. The adult will be unable to keep the child on Mac Ride between their arms.

The adult bicycle rider must listen to each Mac Ride child user. If the child is unhappy, tired, cold, irritable, mischievous or in any way going to cause a danger to themselves, the adult rider or other road users, the ride should be stopped immediately until the problem can be solved.

The Mac Ride child user should hold on to the handlebars and have both feet strapped into the foot stirrups at all times while riding.

The Mac Ride child user should not be allowed in any way to touch the bicycle’s gear or brake levers.


The above warnings suggested uses pertaining to the operation of the use of Mac Ride do not encompass all such but are only examples of the common sense required of the user in operating and using Mac Ride.

This list is not an exclusive or exhaustive list of possible accidents that may occur while using Mac Ride. Most of these injuries are rare, and you are not likely to encounter them. However, they have occurred, and you need to know about them and other possible issues not mentioned above. These issues occur more often when the participants are using drugs or alcohol or not physically able to undertake the ride.

You certify that you have reviewed this document with your family. You certify that you have examined the Mac Ride website (www.mac-ride.com) and looked at the information, risks and videos posted on the company website. You state that you have read the above statement on some of the possible risks and issues in using Mac Ride. Therefore, you assume full responsibility for yourself, your family, and any child user you ride with, including minor children, for bodily injury, death, and loss of personal property and any expenses as a result of your negligence, negligence of your family, or the negligence of Mac Ride. You hereby expressly consent and assume all risks of the activity for yourself and your family, including the risks associated with traveling to and from the activity.

By purchasing Mac Ride, you, for your family, your minor children, other children with whom you choose to use Mac Ride, your heirs and executors and yourself, are confirming that you have read, understand and acknowledge the risks and liability for yourself and your family.

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