Unique Situations

What if my bike is a little bit different?

Thousands of families are out adventuring, enjoying Ride More seats on a host of different bikes. However, there are a few unique situations to consider.

Road Bikes & Dropped Bars

  • Dropped bars reduce space up front for your little one.
  • The front wheel sometimes sits tighter to a road bike frame. This can make it difficult to turn the front wheel safely, clear of your kiddo's feet.
  • The road bikes we have seen work best with Ride More are those with flat bars, and/or with XL frames.

Spacers with funny shapes and bumps

  • Hex shaped & flat edges

    Sometimes spacers are not round on the outside, but they are standard 1 ¹/⁸" circular on the inside. In this case, the bike is still Ride More compatible. Existing spacers and the Ride More front mount might not look tidy on the outside, but functionally, all is well and you are good to roll!

  • Cone Shaped Spacers

    Some bikes, like Rad Power models, have a cone shaped spacer under the stem. Swap this spacer for a shorter cone shaped one to make room for the Ride More front mount. Customers find these shorter spacers at their local bike shop (we don't sell them at Ride More). Read more about this solution here.

  • Cube Stereo Bikes

    If you have spacers that are hex shaped on the outside, but round on the inside, your bike is Ride More compatible! BUT, your spacers likely have notches on them to help stack, and these need to be filed off so the Ride More spacer sits flush.

  • Internal Cabling

    Sometimes, bikes have cables that run internally through the steerer tube. If they pop out early enough, you might be good to roll (see photo - yay!). But if they run all the way through the top, Ride More seats are a no go.

Double crown forks

  • Ride More seats are not compatible with double crown forks.
  • The space around the stem is too crowded, interfering with Ride More's front mount clearance, and limiting turning.

Cannondale Leftys

  • Older Lefty's with a 1.5" steerer tube diameter are not Ride More compatible.
  • Newer Lefty's often have the standard 1 ¹/⁸" steerer tube- check your spec as you might be good to roll!

Folding Bikes and Mopeds

  • Folding bikes - not compatible (some rare exceptions)
  • Mopeds are also a no go
Email info@mac-ride.com with questions!