Rascal Rides

"Of all the seats we’ve tested in this category, the Mac Ride is the undisputed winner. It is comfortable for both child and adult, fits on a wide variety of bikes, and can be used safely on or off-road. Compared to other types of child-haulers, the Mac Ride offers maximum parent-child interaction and entertainment for your little one." - Rascal Rides

Two Wheeling Tots

"The Mac Ride bike seat’s unique saddle helps keep kids safely in place, and is super easy to swap between bikes...Mac Ride excels on everything from paved trails to singletrack!" - Two Wheeling Tots rates Mac Ride as "Exceptional"

The Bike Dads

"The Mac-Ride is our favorite off-road child seat currently in the market today...The Mac-Ride has allowed my daughter and I to experience awesome adventures on a variety of terrain and whenever I lend it to friends my daughter always missed it. When she outgrows it I know that the time spent on the Mac-Ride will not only increase her single track awareness and bike handling skills but has strengthened our Daddy- Daughter relationship." - The Bike Dads

Pink Bike

"The attention to detail for safety, usability, and longevity of Mac Ride are the result of many years in the testing and designing phase...this make the seat safe for even carbon frames, but also easier to maneuver than other similar child seats on the market."

Matt Hunter

“Mac Ride has really expanded the range of our rides. Now we have an option to all ride together, far beyond when a child’s legs run out of pedaling power. Robbie loves it. He is always asking me to find little jumps and corners to hit. I think it helps him to see what he can do when he’s on his own bike too.” - @MattyHunter, Pro Mountain Biker

Kris Gross

"Mac Ride is... an experience. It's a clinic. It's a life raft. These kids sit front row, they can hear their parents breathe hard and feel what we do with our steering."


Enduro Mountainbike

"The Best Childs Mountain Bike Seat For Kids Over Two Years Old – Mac Ride"

Bike Mag

"Mac Ride: Buy Happiness. You can't put a price on those grins"

Design & Innovation Award

"With their hands on the bars and a dominant riding position, your children will learn the basics of mountain biking while having a great time.The position of the Mac Ride seat can be adjusted, which translates into tons of MTB fun for two- to five-year-olds."

New Atlas

"Mac Ride puts a tyke on your mountain bike ... The setup focuses the child's weight on areas of the bike already designed to take the rider's weight"

MTB Beds

"Sharing your passion with your kids has to be one of the most rewarding things a parent can do. Make sure they're enjoying the moment as much as you are and cherish the memories!" Watch Luca shred Super Morzine here.

Dove's campaign celebrating awesome dads

We love riding as a family and were so excited to celebrate Father's Day and be included in Dove's video.


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