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E-Bike Adapter

E-Bike Adapter

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E-bikes are popular with families taking kiddos on the go, as are bikes with chunkier frames. This adapter increases the width of the Ride More seat stirrups so they can fit around a fatter frame. As always, please remember you are riding with precious cargo. Ride with extreme care and adhere to all instructions and warnings in the Ride More/Mac Ride child bike seat disclaimer.

Regular price €29,92
Sale price €29,92 Regular price
Save €-29,92 Sold out


  • Steel bolt with aluminum spacers
  • Instructions for installing the e-bike adapter are in the adapter package, below, and here. 
  • The width of a Ride More seat's stirrups is 73mm. To allow for wiggle room and to ensure the stirrups don't touch your frame, we recommend a max top and down tube width of 68mm or less. This fits almost all cruisers and mountain bikes.
  • If your frame is 68mm or wider, you have two options:
  1. Wide adapter: 73-102mm. The recommended width of your top tube and down tube is 97mm or less.
  2. Extra-Wide adapter:  73 to 122mm. The recommended width of your top tube and down tube is 117mm or less.
  • Ships separately or ships in your Ride More, Sky Ride, or Mac Ride Box!
  • Manufactured in Taiwan, the mecca of high performance bike production
  • Assembled with care by our team in Taiwan, whom we pay a living wage


We ship worldwide from our distribution centers in North America, the UK, Australia, the EU, and Taiwan. We’re a family owned and operated company, so we ship at cost—no markups. You pay what we pay to ship your Ride More gear. Read our shipping policies.


Riding is more fun when you’re safe. All Ride More seats are rigorously tested for safety and durability by an independent third-party, Societé Générale de Surveillance, known worldwide for setting the international standard in safety. Read our safety recommendations.

E-bike adapter installation video →here.

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Helping you ride through the toddler years

The toddler years are tough enough, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice weekend rides or your morning commute on two wheels because your kiddos are too young to bike (or keep up). As mountain bikers and parents, we married Glen’s engineering degree with Ashley’s MBA to found Ride More, so we can all keep riding, together.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Denis Koffler

Passt wunderbar !

Russell Whitaker
No instructions & knee banging

There's a few small parts when you disassemble the mac ride, and there's no guidance on which parts stay and are left out - please include instructions!
With the setup being wider, my 3 year old complains a little about banging her knees on the upper corners of the product.
Still - a great product.

Hi Russell,
I am so glad you wrote with this feedback, thank you. Indeed, we include the link to the instructions for install on the website with the e-bike adapter, but I think we can do better and have it included in paper form as well, so you have it with you in the workshop/garage as you are installing. We will get on this asap.
True - with the wider stirrups, the little one's riding position adjusts a bit. I am sorry your kiddo's not as comfy with the adapter installed. Fingers crossed as they grow, this will be less of an issue and you guys will have many happy happy memories on your Mac Ride! Best, Ashley

Kaisu Soivio
Works like a charm

Needed to add width to our Mac Ride to facilitate riding e-bike - adapter did it nicely, however there could have been a simple assembly instruction included.

Thank you for the feedback and 100% agreed - we are going to work on this asap re assembly, rather than simply a link to the website instructions. Happy riding out there!

Robin Thiesbrummel
Its all ok

All perfect.

Kristoffer Bylin

Me and the 20 month old son has had some really fun rides! Good quality. Easy to install.

A little rip through the Alps

E-Biking with Ride More

Don't mind if we do!