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Quill Stem Mounting Bracket Adapter (7/8" and 1" option for cruisers or older bikes)

Quill Stem Mounting Bracket Adapter (7/8" and 1" option for cruisers or older bikes)

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Mac Ride is great for cruising. If you cycle on a "cruiser" style bike, or perhaps an an older bike, you'll need an adapter for your stem, so that the Mac Ride front mount spacer fits properly. That's the "quill stem adapter".

There are two sizes of Quill Stem Adapter and it is very important to know what you need. They are not interchangeable.

  • 7/8" or 22.2mm.
  • 1" or 25.4mm. 

Sometimes the size is marked on the shaft of the stem, inside the steerer tube, but not always. If you have calipers, you can determine the size you need (the measurement is the diameter).

If you are not sure what size adapter your bike needs, if you are in North America, you can use the "quarter test" pictured here. Otherwise, please check with your bike shop.

Regular price €16,58
Sale price €16,58 Regular price
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Ruby's First Ride

Quill Spacer Install

The initial step between you and riding together on your commuter or road bike is the install of your Ride More quill stem adapter. To install, you need to remove the stem from the steering tube:

  1. Loosen the stem bolt, only a few turns. Do not undo the bolt fully.
  2. If the bolt is sticky, especially on older bikes, you might need to use a rubber mallet to gently knock the bolt on it's head before trying to loosen again.
  3. No need to remove the bars from your stem, keep them in place.
  4. Then feed the Quill Adapter from the bottom, onto your stem.
  5. The Adapter can be gently tightened to lightly grip the stem. It does not need to be cranked.
  6. Replace stem in steerer tube and tighten the bolt.

Once's your spacer is on, you can leave it there for easy peasy Ride More Install. Then you're off and away to nursery, or to the park, just like Ruby!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sebastian Nerlich
Seems to work great!

I'm using the Mac Ride Seat for 6 weeks on my old 26 inch MTB for daily rides to the kindergarden (I'ts a bigger frame to have enough clearance for the footpegs). With the adapter i can mount the seat on my 1 inch quill stem and it works nicely.

Great ... but too tall for the space.

Good AND quality item. However too tall to fit under the stem - even after I had removed old spacers.
It would be great if there was just a replacement for 1 spacer as there is one for the 1-1/8.
Cheers and keep riding folks.


Quill Stem Mounting Bracket Adapter (7/8" and 1" option for cruisers or older bikes)

Cameron Purves
Exactly what I needed

I have an older cruiser that required the quill stem in order to install the Mac Ride. Worked great and allowed for easy installation of the Mac Ride.

Pil Joo
Works very well

I have an old Miele road bike converted as a commuter. This quill stem adapter worked perfectly and my kids and I enjoy the ride tremendously.

Cruising with Ride More

We go big with Ride More seats and their mountain bike compatibility. But cruising is super sweet too. And we never leave home without our seat, the standard spacer, and a quill adapter, so we can cruise while on holiday too!